The Eastvale Climate Group is a very unique organization at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. We were the first Booster Club formed and began fund raising efforts prior to the school opening with the First Annual Golf Tournament.

The purpose of the Eastvale Climate Group is first and foremost, to support the entire student body, through scholarships, academic department support, School Club support; and more. We also support the entire faculty and staff, through staff appreciation and recognition; and finally we support the facility, through such things as our colorful Mustang Flags that surround the outdoor amphitheatre.
The common thread that runs through all of our endeavors is promoting a positive environment while on this remarkable campus. A few of the undertakings we have accomplished or are currently planned is; Welcome Gift Bags for all the faculty and staff upon their first day of work at ERHS; A Welcome BBQ lunch at the beginning of each school year for ALL students, (which was done in conjunction with registration), as well as a welcome lunch for the faculty and staff. We have also provided a scholarship funding to every department on campus, and we are matching money with other booster clubs on campus to help them with scholarship funds.

As mentioned above, we have provided the Mustang Flags that surround the outdoor amphitheatre, and we plan and coordinate the Study JAM twice a year. This is a multi-day event that takes place just prior to final exams each semester, where the school will be open late in the evening staffed with tutors, faculty, volunteers, and brain food, such as nacho's, popcorn, juices, water, giving students a positive learning environment with all the resources they need to prepare for their testing.

We also spearhead Mustang Bingo. This is a joint venture with other booster clubs to assist them with fundraising efforts. We conduct a very professional and highly recognized bingo operation every Wednesday evening in the cafeteria. In June we host the Annual ERHS Golf Tournament, and in December the ERHS Santa is Coming to Town event with real snow.

As you can see we are a very active group with lots of serious goals and serious ambitions. Everyone at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Eastvale Climate Group sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to your assistance!!



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